DJ Filipe Brino Talks About His Passion for House Music

Filipe Brino

Greater Palm Springs is host to the largest music festivals in the world. This is the place to come to hear big name DJs as well as the best underground ones. We caught up with local DJ Filipe Brino to learn what inspires him about Palm Springs and about house music.

John: Tell me a little bit about your style as a DJ.

Filipe: I basically spin Tribal House or Progressive House. I try to do something more like Deep House. [There are not a lot of] female vocals or something like that. A little more underground. [I’ve] always spun in the gay scene since I started in Brazil. Tribal is well-known in the gay scene.

John: Name some other DJ’s that you like.

Filipe: There’s a bunch of DJs that I like. I like Peter Rauhoffer. There’s a DJ from Barcelona called Peter Brown that I like too. I’m always looking for new stuff.

John: And so how do you find out about new songs that you might want to spin?

Felipe: It’s all about trial and error. I think about [it] like a story and how to tell the story. Sometimes I have 100 songs that I have to pick from. I drive Uber and Lyft. That’s one of my jobs here. I can listen to new songs that way.

John: As you’re driving Uber and Lyft you have Tribal House going and Deep House going. Do the riders like it?

Filipe: That’s why I like to drive at night [with the party people.]

If you’re a party person, you’ll want to listen to Filipe’s mix. Check it out.

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