Palm Springs is the Place to be for the Thrill Seeker

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Do you love activities that make your heart beat faster and get your adrenaline pumping? If you are a thrill seeker, there’s no better place to go than Palm Springs! Palm Springs is more than just swimming pools and parties.


Our little valley has a plethora of exciting things for you to do whether you are enjoying a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. We recommend you set aside a week to ten days to get the true experience of Palm Springs. Once you see all the exciting things there are here, you will become obsessed and plan to make regular visits to the area. There’s always something exciting happening in Palm Springs. (You’re picking up on our style. Great)

It’s impossible to list of all the things you can do here in this short article. So, we have picked a few things that may convince you to come visit. We are confident you will not go away unhappy.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

One of our top suggestions for getting your thrill on is taking a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This is the largest rotating tramway in the entire world. It takes about ten minutes to travel a little over two and a half miles to the top of the breath-taking San Jacinto Mountain. During the entire trip, the car rotates slowly, offering you an unparalled view of the gorgeous valley below, giving you ample time to take some great pictures to share with friends and family. (add how many feet off the ground you are as you ride up and when you get to the top. Add language like “death-defying heights”, “extreme conditions”. Do you get the idea? Language that describes why the heart will race. Do this throughout the article.)

Just when you didn’t think it could get any more beautiful and thrilling; you reach the top of the mountain. Here you can dine at the Peak’s Restaurant. How many people can say they had a scrumptious meal at 8,500 feet? Take advantage of the observation decks and over 50 miles of hiking trails.


Is there any bigger thrill than tackling a moderate to strenuous hiking trail to take amazing stories back home with you?

A very popular activity would be the wide array of hiking trails in the area. Some trails offer guided tours, or you can choose to go out on your own. We suggest you stop at the visitors center to pick up a trail map. We have a great article outlining some of the hiking trails in the area. Idyllwild Hiking Trails. While you’re there, you will find other interesting articles. Like this one that gives you Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Vacation. (Good, you included other links)

Balloon Rides

Wouldn’t it be exciting to soar high above the Coachella Valley to revel in its beauty? While you are up there, your guide will point out some of the more well-known areas like the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea, Celebrity Homes and more! This is a thrill you mustn’t miss.

There are three companies that offer hot air balloon rides in the Palm Springs area. All of which have FAA-Certified Pilots, so you can float through the skies with confidence. Expect your adventure to last from 40 to 90 minutes. 

Ride a Biplane

Have you ever done anything that was both exciting and scary all at the same time? No? Then, riding taking a ride in an open cockpit biplane is just the adventure every thrill seeker must partake in.

Palm Springs biplanes seat two people side by side on their impressive 1940 Stearman. Feel the wind on your face as you get a bigger appreciation of the majestic mountains and expansive golf courses below. The blue skies above you are exceptional. Seeing the gorgeous landscape below you will give you a new appreciation of the region.

There are many tours available. Plus, there are opportunities to purchase a video of your flight for bragging rights!

Horseback Riding

Mounting a magnificent horse can be a very exciting experience. Sauntering on the equestrian trails in and around Palm Springs on horseback gives you an experience and thrill that a regular foot trail is not capable of.

There are three horse riding stables around the Palm Springs area. All of which offer guided tours with varying lengths of time. Rides are open to all skill levels. If this is your first time, that’s ok, the trained experts will teach you all you need to know.

Most stables offer horse boarding, so you don’t have to transport your gentle giant back and forth.

Big Wheel Tours

Did you ever think about touring Palm Springs on a bicycle? Not only is it a great way to get in some exercise, but it is also an exhilarating experience as you roam through the various bike trails in the area. If you do not have a guide, make sure to stay on the marked path of your map. If you prefer city riding, there are safe bike routes through town as well that are amply marked. You can spend a whole day riding the bike trails and never see the same thing twice.

Interested in biking your way through Palm Springs? Click here to read Bike Routes for you to Explore.

Jeep Tours

Desert Adventures in Palm Desert transports you on an unforgettable tour through a desert oasis where you will see beautiful fauna, native wildlife, and unique landscapes.

As the jeep twists and turns, and bounces you on this guided tour, you will see and learn about the landscape of the San Andreas Fault and how it came to be. Have a short history lesson of the indigenous peoples of the area and maybe even catch a glimpse of the endangered Bighorn Sheep or the Least Bell’s Vireo bird. 

Desert Adventures offer several different tours. Private tours are available upon request. Evening and stargazing tours are available as well. Watching the sun dip behind these gorgeous mountains is a sight that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. The stars above us are captivating. The vastness of the desert sky makes you realize what a small part we occupy in this enormous world. If the conditions are right, you may even see a constellation.


There are many exciting sports that you can either watch or participate in. The Empire Polo Club in beautiful Indio. The grounds are home to seven fields, three exercise tracks. Training classes are available if needed. The Tack Room Tavern has a large selection of amazing dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a fully stocked bar. Get social at Date Shed Night Club before you return to your room.

There’s more to polo at The Empire Polo Club. Why not plan your next corporate event here? The ground are so breath-taking, it’s a perfect venue for a wedding.   

With all of this rolled into one, this is a place you shouldn’t pass by.

Golf Courses

Palm Springs is widely known as the golf capital of the world offering over 130 golf courses throughout the Valley. Five of the thirty top golf courses in California are located here. The courses are impeccable from the greens to the tee boxes. Some may not consider golf a thrill. But it’s a thrill when you make that challenging shot!

In addition to private clubs, there are numerous public courses for all skill levels. Look at our article XPLOR’s Guide to Palm Springs Golf Courses for the Nature Lover to find out where some of the best courses are.


It was tennis, not golf, as some would suspect, that put Palm Springs in the sporting spotlight. It is home to some of the best tennis courts in America. 

Located in Indian Wells, the Indian Wells Tennis Garden is home to the BNP Paribas Open and the WTA Indian Wells Open every March.

But if you want a single or doubles game on a public course where you can serve and volley with a friend just for the pure fun. Would you prefer a competition to test your skills against each other? There are many public courses available that are free to use. First come, first serve (no pun intended).

We created an article to give you the low down on some of the best places to play tennis in and around Palm Springs. The article is entitled XPLOR’s Suggestions for Courts to Play Tennis in Palm Springs. Check it out before you grab your racket!

We’re sure that some or all of these will have the thrill seeker in you eager to plan your next trip to Palm Springs. Once you experience the thrills Palm Springs has to offer, you will want to return again and again until you have enjoyed every thrill! So, let’s get started.

What is the most exciting thing you have done in Palm Springs? We would love to hear your stories and we love pictures. You can reach us @XPLORzine on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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