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Aug 06
The XPLOR Guide to Mod Fashion – The Style of the 60s

1950s and 1960s style is iconic. It was during this era that mod fashion emerged for…

Jul 16
Find a Grave of a Celebrity? Visit Desert Memorial Park

Most likely, the urge to find a grave was not something on your bucket list. Wouldn’t…

Jul 09
Sonny Bono’s Palm Springs Legacy: Actor Turned Politcian

Sonny Bono was once mayor of Palm Springs. Yes, that Sonny Bono. Cher’s Sonny, of ‘I…

Jun 04
Christopher Kennedy on Mid-Century Modernism

Palm Springs is synonymous with Mid-century Modernism. I chatted with the mod-inspired…

May 07
We Chased Down Chase Miller

We chased down Country singer Chase Miller to ask him about his time at Stagecoach,…

Apr 09
The Whole Family Will Enjoy Sunnylands Tours

This article is about the iconic Sunnylands Center and Gardens and the tours offered there.

Mar 30
9 Famous Movie Sets You Can Enjoy Near Palm Springs

This article will give you information about 9 of Palm Springs' famous movie sets.

Mar 29
Be Amazed At These 7 Iconic Celebrity Homes

California is home to many celebrities. This article talks about 7 of these homes.

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