Let Us Introduce You to Some of Our Favorite Travel Blogs

Palm Springs Art Museum

Good travel blogs inspire you with new ideas for your trip. XPLOR is a great travel blog. But, there are others out there and we wanted to bring you a list of our favorites to you, for inspiration. Have a look! There’s something for every kind of traveler below.  

What kind of traveler are you? Is shopping number one on your list? Or, does your itinerary include all of the natural wonders in our Little Valley? Picking the right set of activities that will inspire you is tricky and can make the difference between just another getaway and a transformational travel experience.  

XPLOR is all about transformational travel. That’s why we bring together information about activities that will ignite your passions. Whether you’re a cultural explorer, history enthusiast, thrill seeker, fun-loving, a relaxer or a nature lover, we’ve got you covered. 

Cultural Explorer 

Are museums, heritage sites and cultural events the kind of activities that interest you most? Then you’re likely a cultural explorer. 

Let’s look at a few blogs that we think you’ll enjoy: 

  • Writer Kate Ferguson, who writes for Destination Tips, takes you through a list of 13 of the most loved activities in and around the Palm Springs area. She focuses on attending art galleries and film festivals as well as tours. 
  • Josh, with the help of his wife and bulldog, offer an amazing blog called California Through My Lens. This site is about all things California. Do you want to visit museums, find out where the best places to hike are, tour historic site locations, or admire mid-century modern architecture? Josh will guide you.  
  • Also, read our blog about attractions on Public Art Along HWY 111 and about our best museums 
  • Jason Groman is the man responsible for the blog Modernism Fans Flock to Palm Springs Once Again for KCRW Architecture and Design. He shows us some famous, not to mention gorgeous, mid-century modern architecture.  
  • Sam and Toccara are a couple who love to travel and experience things that different cultures have to offer. They have a love of discovering new places. Their blog Forget Someday, takes you into their adventures in the Palm Springs area where they enjoyed hiking, visiting museums that gave them a glimpse into the area’s culture and history.  
  • Another great read about mid-century modern architecture is our blog post about 7 Iconic Celebrity Homes 

History Enthusiast 

Do the stories behind a place excite you? Are you interested in the people and events that shaped our area? Then, you may be a history enthusiast.  

  • Nellie is the author of Awesome Things to do in Palm Springs. She talks about hiking the mysterious Tahquitz Canyon (read our blog to learn about it).  After reading her blog, you will be ready to plan your next trip to Palm Springs. 
  • Natalie Compagno writes for the blog Smart Meetings. All of her blogs are amazing, but the one where she discusses different ethnic cultures is a favorite of ours.  She talks about cultural festivals and cultural museums, plus more!  
  • Take a look at our blog about Cultural Tours 
  • The Wanderlust Storytellers is a family blog centered around a traveling family of 5. Andrzej and Jolene and their 3 daughters are always ready to experience a variety of travel experiences. They love learning about history and culture on their journeys. They have a handy guide for things to do in Palm Springs and tips and tricks to traveling with children.  

Thrill Seeker 

Do you live for the moment where your heart begins to race? Do you enjoy activities that are high energy and maybe even a little dangerous? Then, you are a thrill seeker.  

  • The amazing blog Jessie on a Journey covers a variety of her experiences in and around the Palm Springs area.  She enjoys the outdoors, new and unique foods, exciting adventures, hiking, taking tours and art galleries. Not only does her blog give you a travel guide. You also get to learn of her travels to other places as well. 
  • The Flash Packer Family is made up of Bethaney (the writer), Lee (entrepreneur), Reuben (son) and Hazel (daughter). They are a family traveling around the world. They have been to several countries and are last minute travelers. In addition to stories of their excursions, they also have some great travel tips. 
  • The blog Flying the Nest is written by couple Stephen and Jess. They gladly share their adventures and give you useful travel tips. Want to know the best place to dive with sharks? Stephen and Jess can tell you. 

Fun Loving 

If feel like traveling should be fun rather than challenging, you are a fun-loving traveler.  

  • Independent Travel Cats is hosted by Laurence and Jessica. They pride themselves for only sharing experiences and information about places they have actually visited. They entertain you with true to life stories of their travels, plus they have some handy guides to help you become an independent traveler. 


Does this sound like you? Do you feel that the whole point of travel is to get away from your everyday stresses, relax and recharge? Do you just want to find a resort where you can relax by the pool or in the spa? If so, we have just the blog for you.  

  • Ana Silva O’Reilly is the proud author of Mrs. O Around the World. She takes you to different places, regaling you with stories and giving you tips and tricks on how to make the best of your vacations. 
  • The Blonde Abroad blog is written by Kiersten, or Kiki, for short. She is a native of California, so her recommendations for having a relaxing trip to Palm Springs are a sure-fire way to forget the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Nature Lover 

If you can always be found in nature reserves, heritage sites, hiking trails,  camp and sites, you are most likely a nature lover.  

  • Carol is the author of the luxury travel blog Wandering Carol. She presents her stories in a humorous way. The first blog you will come to has her hiking trails like the San Jacinto Mountain trails.  
  • Read our take on Hiking the Majestic San Jacinto Mountains here. 
  • Lynn Bremner is a lover of nature living in Indio, California. Desert Road Trippin is her favorite way of reaching travellers. She loves being out of doors, whether it be running, golfing or enjoying a day trip to area attractions. She takes you through her many adventures of her road trips and talks about desert living. 
  • The Section Hiker is a blog written by seasoned hiker Philip Werner. He has hiked all over the world and he is here to share his experiences, tips and tricks with you to make your hiking experience the best it can be. 

Food Junkie 

A foodie is much more than a person who likes food. Foodies choose new and unique restaurants. They are educated about cooking methods and want to know the source of the ingredients used. Does this sound like you? 

  • Brant Cox has assembled an incredible restaurant blog, called The Best Restaurants in Palm Springs, that will put any food junkie in paradise! Enjoy brunch, comfort foods, delectable deserts, Italian food and anything else you can think of. 
  • Annette is the author of Bucket List Journey. She has traveled to 50 countries and has had countless adventures, trying different foods at every stop. This is an excellent read for the foodie that plans to travel the world.  

Now that you have learned a little about the different types of passion groups there are, maybe you can identify yourself as one or the other. We hope these blogs have given you a sense of who to follow. We also hope we provided you with some interesting reading for your next trip here.  

Do you have stories or pictures to share of your adventures? We’d love to see them. Visit us @XPLORzine on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  

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